Jason Scaman-Summers
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jason Scaman-Summers who was born in Washington on November 10, 2006 and passed away on November 10, 2006 . We will remember him forever.

This is Jasons story.......

Wednesday November 8th at 2:30pm Tyler and I went in for a normal prenatal check-up. Well the nurse checked me and was gonna let me go and realized she didnt check his heartbeat so she had me lay back down. She put the thingy on my tummy and it took about 5 minutes to find it, when she finally found it, it sounded faint but she said it was strong. So she was gonna get me an ultrasound to see if Jason was in a position that would be hard for me to deliver, but the ultrasound tech wasnt there so she sent me home to come back the next day. She didnt bother saying anything to the Doctor until after I left. Tyler and I went back to see my Doctor Thursday November 9th at 4:00pm. She checked me again to see if i was dialating and I wasnt. Anyways Holmes checked the heartbeat and it took her a couple minutes to find it again, and it was still faint so she took me in another room 10 minutes later to do an ultrasound and she couldnt see where the heartbeat was supsose to be. Tyler and I were freaking out and it didnt help that Tylers little sister was there to hear Jasons heartbeat for the first time and all this was happening. So she sent me over to Valleys Birthing Center to get another ultrasound. We went over and on the way I called my dad and told him they were sending me over to Valley for an ultrasound cause his heartbeat was still faint. Tyler called his mom and she met us there. The ultrasound lady came in and got it all set up and then took it out cause she had to do somebody else first.WHAT THE FUCK! I was more important cause my babys heartbeat was faint! It was another 45 minutes til she came back in and she did the ultrasound and Tyler and I were freaking out again. Dr. Holmes came in a few minutes later and looked at the ultrasound and said*Katie I have some bad news* I said*are you kidding me?!* and she said *I would not say that if I was kidding* I gripped Tylers hand harder and Holmes said *your baby has no heartbeat* and I started crying and so did Tyler and we hugged for like ever. Dr. Holmes said she was very sorry and wouldnt leave my bed side, and walked out the door.

A few minutes later I called my dad to tell him and I started crying again before he even answered. When he answered I said *his heart is beating* and dad left where he was and got Keith and was on his way. Two nurses came in and said I could either go home and come back to get induced or I could do it that night. And I said I would do it that night. A couple hours later they came in a took 10 viles of blood and stuck an IV in my hand, which made those nurses not my favorite anymore. A couple hours later they sent my dad in cause they didnt wanna upset me anymore and they thought it would be better if my dad told me that I needed to start the inducing cause it could take up to 24 hours. So I said *ok* and they came in and everybody cleared the room except Tyler and they put a pill on my cervix to soften it so it could start to dialate. Later on about 11pm my dad and brother went home for the night, and Tylers mom and sister went in the lobby to go to sleep. My friend Nic stayed in my room with me and Tyler to keep us company. She was there all night and I thank her for that. I think it was about 1am when I woke up and threw up so the nurses had me go for a walk while they changed my sheets. Tyler and Nic had to help me walk cause I was all drugged up, and sluring my words I guess. We got back to my room and went back to sleep. 3:30am I woke up feeling like I had to pee and it felt like I was peeing myself a little bit and I couldnt stop it. I got into the bathroom went pee and found out that my water broke when I was sleeping. Thats what made it feel like I was peeing myself. The nurse checked me and I was 3 1/2 cm dialated. So I went back to sleep for a little bit longer. And woke up cause it felt like people were watching me. Open my eyes and people were in my room, my dad, Keith, Kim and Angela were in my room. 4:00am I started feeling contractions and they hurt like a bitch. 5am they came in and gave me my epidural and stuck a cathider in. The nurse came back in at 9:30 and I was like 7cm, I was getting bitchy cause I had to pee so bad and refused to pee with the cathider in, and wanted to go in the bathroom and pee in the toilet. About 9:45- 9:50am I was 10cm Dialated and my nurse tried to find the Doctor so i could start pushing. Keith, Nic and Tyler were in my room with me and I said *I either have to poop or he's coming!* and I was having contractions. Keith was like *He's coming* and walked out to find the nurse and get the doctor in there. Well a couple minutes before 10am, the nurse came in and said I would have to start pushing a little to ease some pain and so everyone but Tyler and Meda walked out and I started pushing. I pushed maybe 3 times and she told me to stop cause I was gonna push him right out and she really didnt wanna deliver him herself unless she absolutly had to. So she ran to get the doctor and she came in and I pushed about 4 times and his head came out with the cord around his neck so loose it was like a necklace. So the doctor just slipped it over his head and I pushed 2 more times and he slipped right out at 10:11am Friday November 10th. When he came out the doctor said *theres the cause* and it was the cord tied in a knot. She said it had to of happend when he was smaller and swimming around inside me and when he got bigger it just got tighter and tighter. So that was the cause, the cord was in a knot. Our baby boy was 22 inches 8 pounds 3 ounces. Jason was so beautiful, Tyler and I will always love him and never forget about him. He was our first baby and we will never stop loving him.

We spent all friday with him and said our goodbyes Friday night. Stayed up all night with Dad, and Keith, in my room until about 1:30am.

There is the story about our baby boy Jason Carter Scaman-Summers

Tributes and Condolences
So sorry xx   / Claire Thorpe
Hello i am Claire x your freind Mellissa wrote a tribute on my page and told me of your wee boy (((()))) 
he is perfect and beautifulxxx
My daughter Ellie is on here too as Ellie Marritt
Wishing you gentle days xx
To Jason and His family   / Bela Mendes (know his mommy from ds )
First I would like to say that I'm really sorry about your loss.  I'm not going to tell you that you will ferget as years go by, but I do tell you that your days are going to be better and you will allways have a special place in your heart for ...  Continue >>
Hey you guys...   / Melissa Notman (Auntie:))
I miss Jason SO much and I never even met him:( You guys will make awesome parents when the day comes when you have another baby. Jason is watching over you and he loves you guys SO very much. Love you guys!Melissa
im sorry   / Melissa Vanalstine
your son was so hansom and im so sorry he had to leave you before you even go to say hello. he remembers you, he remembers being with you he remembers your voice and your touch.  he loves you so much and i just wish you could have held him close...  Continue >>
Im so sorry.   / Jessica Perron (none. My angel and him are friends in heaven! )
Katie & Tyler,Im so sorry for the loss of you beautiful baby boy! Just looking at this website made me cry. Its sad that god takes the ones we love most away from us before their time to go. I wish you too the best of luck from now on in life. I ...  Continue >>
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