Jason Scaman-Summers
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His legacy
Our Baby Boy  
Jason was a beautiful baby boy. He is loved by all of his family, especially Mommy and Daddy. When I found out I was pregnant I was scared and happy at the same time. When I told Tyler he had the same feelings , but we knew we were gonna keep our baby. The first time Tyler and I felt Jason Kick we were laying in bed looking at my tummy with my hand on it. It was the Best feeling ever. Tyler looked at me and I had asked him if he saw and felt that and he said *yeah* and then we waited for it again and sure enough our son was kicking mommy. Our baby boy was stubborn but we loved him very much. There were times when we thought I was going into early labor but it didnt turn out that way. I had to be induced November 9th, 2006. Our baby boy arrived stillborn November 10th, 2006.
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